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Live out your dreams and be financially free.

Have Fun

Do you believe in taking time to enjoy the fruits of your labor? The Alliance does too! Our team is known for taking adventures all over the world for what many describe as taking “vacations with a few hundred of our friends.” These trips happen annually, but we also love attending concerts, sporting events, participating in team-building exercises and leadership retreats. The bottom line is The Alliance knows how to have fun!

Have Fun

We believe your income should be decided by you and the work you put in with The Alliance. Fast or slow, part-time or full-time, it’s up to you when it comes to your income with The Alliance. You will be paid for the effort you put forth. We have agents who concentrate on writing policies, while others focus on building an agency. We also have people who do both! The Alliance accommodates any of those options, and sees value in every single agent working to help families across the United States.

Make Money
Make Money
Make a Difference

Have you always wanted to make a difference in the world, but felt like you had no avenue to do so? The Alliance strongly believes in helping people. The goal is to leave the world better than we found it. Even when on trips to exotic locations, The Alliance makes the effort to donate some of their time to a local need and provide the labor it takes to enhance the area. The Alliance believes in helping people and does so in various areas and ways.

Make A Difference

What Do You Want?

Financial Freedom

Do you dream of finding a way to help people and reach a point where money is never an issue in your life?

$500 Extra Per Week

Are you looking for a “side hustle” that allows you to increase your income quickly?

Build an Empire

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Are you interested in building a business that allows you to make as much money as you want?

How Do You Get It?

System-driven Income

The Alliance has a system that has been refined and improved since 2002. Our process is proven and sets our agents up to be hugely successful.

New Qualified Leads Daily

The Alliance uses an innovative, high-tech lead generation system to produce qualified leads on a daily basis across the United States

Inspirational Leaders

The Alliance is filled with inspirational leaders who have overcome numerous obstacles before landing with our team. They inspire others by sharing their stories and by the example they set each day for others.

$164 Billion

in insurance coverage applied for since 2002

$1 Billion

protected with a tax-free savings plan since 2002


families helped since 2002

Live out your dreams and be financially free.