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From enjoying incredible vacations with a group that feels like family, to helping children and adults less fortunate, the benefits of being an agent with The Alliance are many. The life insurance industry is usually known for being uninteresting, but here it’s been ignited by a group of people fired up about why they do what they do. To Alliance agents, the job of providing life insurance isn’t a job at all. It’s an adventure with a purpose. And we’re looking for more people like us. Ready to discover more?

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The Alliance is based out of Burlington, NC, nestled between the great cities of Greensboro and Raleigh. We’re always looking for bright and eager people who are young-at-heart and looking for a place to express their talents. Our openings vary depending on our needs, so be sure to check our list of current openings and consider us when you’re looking to make your next career move.

NAA Agent Technical Support Center

(866) 934-3941
Email us at help@naaleads.com
Visit us at www.naasupport.com

Communication is Key

Andy Albright

President/ CEO
Andy Albright


Missy Stipetich

Executive Secretary to Andy & Jane Albright
Missy Stipetich

Amber Bowen

Asst. to Andy Albright & Hotspots Coordinator
Amber Hollars

Robbie Craft

Chief of Sales
Robbie Craft

Clay Mertes

Lead Performance Team Manager
Clay Mertes

Gina Hawks

Product Specialist & Sales Consultant
Gina Hawks

Andy Lee

Director of President's Club
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