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Steve & Cathy Bowery
Honolulu, HI

Stephen Bowery has been a member of The Alliance since 2007. He first discovered National Agents Alliance recommended it to him. It turned out to be exactly the opportunity he was looking for. He wanted to help people protect their homes with mortgage protection insurance. Once he had attended his first National Convention, he realized that NAA isn't just career, it's a chance to build a nationwide business.

Stephen's business with The Alliance started in Hawaii, but eventually branched out to California, North Carolina, Connecticut, New Jersey, Florida and other states. He has enjoyed the ability to grow his business all across the U.S.

His wife, Cathy didn't like the idea of both of them having to work full-time while someone else took care of their two boys. Stephen was able to make a high income with The Alliance, allowing Cathy to stay home and spend quality time raising her sons and watching them grow. National Agents Alliance gave them the chance to live the lifestyle they've always dreamed about.

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Steve & Cathy Bowery Honolulu, HI