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Grace McGill
Plano, TX

Previous Occupation: Real Estate
Previous Income: Unknown

Grace McGill now enjoys the simple things in life thanks to the NAA opportunity. Grace has found a supportive and encouraging environment and has learned a lot on her journey with National Agents Alliance.

Before joining National Agents Alliance, Grace had worked for New Home Sales for 21 years. In April of 2006, Grace caught wind of NAA through a friend and began working there part time. She was working 70-80 hours a week and rarely had enough time to spend with her family. She had reached her peak income, leaving her with no potential to earn more.

Grace says that she hated her job and the environment she was working in. "I was so excited to come on board and have the leadership and positive environment, plus the ability to make more money than I had ever made. The decision was easy."

Grace had to switch gears and learn how NAA works. Now, Grace?s sister and son have joined the Alliance and they get to work together on a daily basis. They also get to choose their work hours and have no restrictions on how much she can earn.

"We see a much greater potential for income with National Agents Alliance that in many ways we are much better off now than before."

"NAA is about helping people and doing it with integrity and that is something that fits our lifestyle. It also provides us with freedom that we never had before. We work with people we like and love, the hours we want to work and mostly National Agents Alliance gives us time to spend at home with our family while we make great money."

Grace is no longer stressed about going to a job that she hates; she can now spend more time with her family and make her own schedule. Grace attributes her success to the NAA system that is already in place, their mentors Andy and Barry.

"We are a mega million dollar company that has CEOs and owners that take the time to know you by name and share their ideas and thoughts with you. We are always treated with respect. The leadership in this company is awesome!"

Grace and her family give this advice to new agents: do everything your manager tells you to do. Learn well, because you will teach your agents to do the same, resulting in immediate success. Stay away from negative people, and be on all calls.

In Grace's second month of producing, she met a family that desperately needed help. The father was on dialysis, but did not qualify for a life-saving transplant.

Not only did the mother work two jobs, but her children worked odd jobs just to make ends meet. "Since the wife was the primary breadwinner, she knew she had to be covered because without her, they would be homeless. She was so worried about her family and was so grateful that I was there to take care of her family. She made me aware of how important what I do is for families."

Grace has been able to achieve their dream of the important simple things in life, like family. "As you get past 40 you realize that time is your most important asset." She loves being able to spend time with her family both at work and outside of work.

"We plan to be a huge organization with National Agents Alliance, making a difference in a lot of people's lives, both agents and clients and making enough money to support lots of children in our sister church in Honduras and my son's mission work in Peru and Chile. As a Hispanic, I want to be a big positive influence in the Hispanic market. In 10 years, we will work at being mentors to lots of agencies, doing a lot of work with our church and traveling the world."

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