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Stephen Davies

Stephen Davies
Arden, NC

Previous Occupation: Salesman
Previous Income: $50,000
Current Income: $1,000,000+

In March of 2002, Stephen Davies made a decision which would forever change his life: he joined National Agents Alliance. Years later, Stephen is living life with no regrets.

"Before, I was working lots of hours, over 70 a week and my wife still had to work. Even with all those hours, we were just getting by. All that's changed. My wife stays home to raise our son and I work a lot less."

Stephen was born in Florida and raised in North Carolina. After attending Southwestern College he began a career in insurance sales. After struggling early on, Stephen found himself attracted to both the business potential and strong integrity offered by National Agents Alliance and its leaders. Working for a company where the various agencies work as a team was a new experience for Stephen.

"Even when we are competing with each other, we are all still buddies and help each other."

Stephen's dedication and commitment to National Agents Alliance is apparent. He recalls showing up for one appointment, only to find his car wouldn't make it up the steep muddy drive. Undaunted, he hopped on the back of the client's 4-wheeler and trudged his way up to make a sale. He then drove it on to some other referrals.

Stephen and his family, including wife Hollie and Chandler, currently live in Arden. The small town is located in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Family has been an important part of Stephen's life, so much that he even brought much of his family including his parents into the business with him. Sharing the lifestyle change that he has experienced is one of Stephen's main goals.

Despite his current success, Stephen constantly strives to better himself personally and professionally. Free from debt, the Davies family is living the American dream; they've travelled from mountains with the thickest snow to the most remote and exotic islands. In his spare time, Stephen enjoys playing ice hockey. He recently purchased a hockey stick so exclusive it's unavailable to the public. Besides playing hockey, Stephen also golfs, surfs, and sees as many music concerts as he can.

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