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Quality Leads

Quality Leads

The Alliance believes we have the absolute best leads in the business, generated in-house, putting qualified, interested clients in your hands quickly. Because our inventory is so diverse and expansive, The Alliance has its own program for distribution and allocation of leads. Leads can be purchased individually or in a weekly standing order.

Since we have total control over our lead process we are able to make adjustments as needed to meet supply and demand, as well as the quality of the lead. Multiple sources and types of leads are available.

In addition, our corporate lead team is one of our agents’ most important resources. They are dedicated to our agent force by offering innovative tools, training and support. With their help you can customize your lead needs and budget.

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Professional Training

The Alliance opportunity to increase your income potential is amazing, and the training is available whether you want to start slow or race out of the gate! You can find mentors and meetings locally or meet the masses of like-minded people at national events. NAA has a multitude of conference calls and informative email messages to keep you in-the-know of the latest happenings and news. We also provide multiple media outlets for you to access as needed, including both the most recent audio and video, as well as educational archives.

The Alliance is with you every step of the way as you prepare for an obtain an insurance license, and offers an elite club to mentor you as your grow your business.

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TurnKey System

TurnKey System

The Alliance is comprised of numerous systems that operate together to function as a whole. Within the area of sales, for instance, there are systems that cover how to make dials and set appointments, how to create the right atmosphere in the home, close sales, earn referrals, and retain your clients for years to come.

There is also a system for tracking your progress in all of these areas that helps you readily identify areas where you might not be on target for your goals. In the area of building your business, systems are in place for marketing, training, recruiting and even reading Andy Albright’s book that is a blueprint of The Alliance’s business model. Systems create uniformity within each team in The Alliance, and each team and each individual achieves more by working together.

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Reliable Products

The Alliance believes in delivering quality, life-changing products through its partner carriers for its clients across the United States. From basic life insurance coverage to diverse, impactful IUL products, The Alliance has a great product for clients of all needs. No matter the level of coverage desired, The Alliance can find a fit for you.

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Reliable Products


The Alliance is an organization unlike any other, providing agents with the opportunity to work part-time or full-time and earn unlimited income. Growth is inevitable as you hire other agents and teach them to do what you are already doing. The Alliance system offers increasing commission levels, bonuses and overrides as well as the ability to qualify for amazing all-inclusive trips to exotic locations. Working from home and having control over your income are both fantastic benefits, and our agents feel they are part of a community culture that feels like family.

The Alliance feels strongly about providing recognition for a job well done and acknowledges our agents as they reach each new level in their business. Rewards and recognition are plentiful if you are willing to put in the work.

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Live out your dreams and be financially free.