Earn Commissions & Bonuses

At The Alliance you’ll find opportunity for part-time sales, full-time sales, and various levels of agency management. The amount of income you can earn is up to you. You could work part-time and earn an extra $500 for each policy you place, or go full-time building an agency earning a six-figure income. Review our income projections and manager bonus structure to get a better idea of your own potential. Plus, the more you earn, the more we’ll donate to charity in your name through our Good Samaritan Bonus program.

Enjoy More Benefits & Perks

The Alliance takes pride in offering benefits to our agents that demonstrate our appreciation for their hard work. You can enjoy all-expense-paid trips to exotic locales, and flexibility in your schedule. We offer pay based on your results, and a family-friendly community led by people who strive to maintain strong moral character. Our agents not only have a good income, they have fun and are rewarded for it too!

Receive Accolades & Recognition

Everyone loves to be recognized for their achievements. Acknowledgement and appreciation for one’s accomplishments is so much more than a nice thing to do. It is an effective communication tool that reinforces and rewards the outcomes you want to see repeated. The Alliance firmly believes in recognition for a job well done, and we do it through things like Awards Ceremonies, Agency Manager rings, level promotions, and our program which honors our successful women.

Live out your dreams and be financially free.