Level Recognition & Promotions

As you move up the business levels at The Alliance several things happen at once. Each level brings recognition as your commission is increased, but you’ll receive public acknowledgement as well at local and national meetings. You’ll wear your level pin with pride as others admire your accomplishments. The more you grow your business, the more you are rewarded with bonuses and recognized as a rising star at events. You may be asked to share a specific story of success at a meeting or on a conference call. All in all, we’ve put a tried and true system in place for you to follow and duplicate. Just be persistent and consistent, and you can’t help but move your way up!

Annual Awards Ceremony

Every January The Alliance holds its prestigious National Convention. The three day event provides you with training and coaching from the best and the brightest members of The Alliance, and offers you the chance to ask questions and establish a relationship with them. But one of the highlights each year is the Saturday Night Awards Banquet and Ceremony. You’ll be sharply dressed with your guest and ready to be recognized for all your hard work the previous year. As category after category of accomplishments are announced, you’ll witness your friends and colleagues proudly make their away on stage to thunderous applause. You could even be up there yourself! The program is always fun, entertaining and meaningful to all.

Agency Manager Rings

Some milestones in life are best commemorated with a ring. Young couples pledge their commitment to each other with a Promise Ring, and graduate to a lifetime dedication with both engagement and wedding rings. Class rings, birthstone rings and even championship rings are all used to recognize significant occasions. Becoming an Agency Manager with The Alliance is an extremely high honor, and provides recognition by your peers. It signifies an “initiation” of sorts into The Alliance’s Ring Club, an exclusive organization that is revered throughout the company. The rings themselves are a unique design that specifically embodies the culture of NAA and are presented to the recipients at a company-wide Ring Ceremony by our President and CEO, Andy Albright.

Elite Ladies of The Alliance

In a traditionally male-dominated industry, The Alliance wants to reward women who are making a difference and leaving a legacy in the insurance world. The Elite Ladies of The Alliance is our way of supporting and recognizing women who earn more than $100,000 in a single year. Our desire is to create a level playing field for anyone seeking the opportunity to advance, and through our system, we will someday have more women earning $250,000 per year than any other organization. Ladies, the sky is the limit!

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