Automatic Weekly Lead Orders

If you're the kind of person who’d rather not shop for the same thing each week, automatic lead ordering is perfect for you. A geographic marketing request (GMR) has several advantages, such as giving you the ability to place a standing weekly lead order based on location. With a GMR, you'll save a lot of time managing your lead orders. While you’re out producing results, our lead team is working hard to fill your order all week long so that you never experience a delay in productivity.

Our lead team will work with you to optimize your GMR so that you a great mixture of leads that meets your budget needs, and since those with standing lead orders get their first choice when new leads come in, you’ll enjoy working each batch of leads that were reserved and tailored just for you.

If you're the "set-it-and-forget-it" type, complete our interest form and one of our hiring agents can help you set up your automatic order.

Leads Sent Directly to Your Phone

Some things were just meant to be. Like when you set your preferences and receive leads directly to your phone shortly after the prospect requests information. It’s the new dawn of lead distribution. We invented it, and we call it "lead pre-destination."

Using this "predestined" feature, you tell us which leads you will take, and as soon as they are generated, we’ll send it to you.

Imagine your prospect researching your product online right now, and as soon as they submit an interest form, your phone lights up with a notification. Being the quickest to respond can make all the difference in making the sale. Your prospects are shopping right now, so why not respond to them right now? No waiting.

Are you on the cutting edge of technology, too? Let us help you adjust your settings to receive phone notifications for leads. Complete the interest form and let’s get started.

Lead Shopping On-Demand

Another way agents can order leads is to purchase them online from the NAA inventory. Our lead distribution system has a purchasing platform that allows you to use an interactive map to shop for leads in places that you or your agents would like to work in. The process is similar to online shopping because you are able to see what is available, choose it for your basket and make an instant purchase!

Even if you have a standing weekly order for leads, it's the perfect option if you are traveling and want to make a one-time purchase of leads in a different area than you usually work. Instant Purchase is open for business all day and (almost) all night!

Got the online shopping bug? No problem. We’ve got the perfect place. Just complete the form to get more information from one of our hiring agents, and we'll start the ball rolling for your first shopping spree.

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