What's Available to You

On any given day there may be thousands of leads of various types ready to go, neatly organized by geographic area, so that you can easily find people to help in the areas you and your team work. Our marketing campaigns focus on various client interests, such as mortgage protection, newlywed protection, new birth and final expense.

Despite the sheer number of leads available to you from the day you join The Alliance, our lead team can work with you to develop new lead opportunities for your needs. For those places in the country where we are not steadily generating leads, you have the option to grow those territories as you build your Alliance agency.

If having access to a large pool of leads interests you, complete the interest form to request more information from one of our hiring agents.

Eclectic Selection of Leads

Ownership of a state-of-the-art lead generation operation is a large responsibility. The Alliance is proud to maintain a healthy inventory of leads of varying types and prices, and because we own the entire process we can adjust supply to meet your growing demand.

Our variety of lead types cover the entire range of life events that people experience such as birth, marriage, mortgage and death. NAA maintains the highest quality data, therefore our leads are second to none.

Alliance agents boast an impressive array of products from top rated insurance carriers designed to protect families who have expressed an interest. Inventory can be accessed through our one-of-a-kind distribution system, and you will be supported by a team of lead specialists. Shop and browse on your own or specify your custom order and have it allocated automatically each week to your account.

If you're interested in accessing our diverse inventory of leads, complete the interest form to request more information from one of our hiring agents.

Navigating Your Lead Options

With so many sources and types of leads, the system can sometimes be confusing for new agents. Our dedicated team of lead specialists offers numerous training opportunities to help agents and managers with the program.

Our online lead allocation system is more than a way to distribute and access your team’s leads. You can also manage your billing and invoices, batch and print your leads, even shop for leads from an interactive map!

Access to your leads has never been easier. And the availability of the Lead Team is the ultimate Customer Service.

For a detailed explanation of our lead system, complete the interest form and one of our hiring agents can personally answer any questions you may have.

Start your career with the alliance today.