Becoming Licensed

Our industry is regulated by each state’s government which requires that every agent become licensed to sell insurance in their area. We work in close partnership with the Departments of Insurance, and that relationship will help keep your reputation strong in the eyes of your clients as you go out to serve them. Earning your license can be done in a few days with proper guidance, so to help you earn your license, we’ve teamed up with a few companies who will help you study for your state’s licensing examination at an affordable cost.

Training In Your Area

Imagine you’re a brand new agent with The Alliance. You’re excited to get going but don’t know where to start. No worries! At NAA, you can enjoy training near where you live in the form of a mentorship with your own trainer, or group training at one of your mentor’s bootcamps for new agents. You can attend your nearest weekly training meeting where you’ll meet agents from other groups and bring your guests to hear about how The Alliance works.

National Training Opportunities

How does The Alliance provide top quality training to every one of their agents at one time? We have a number of ways! Not only can agents dial in and participate in an abundance of conference calls AND a live televised show each week, they can attend national semi-annual events that bring like-minded people together to interact and grow.

On-Demand Training

As an agent with The Alliance you have a myriad of training opportunities just a click away. You’ll love the robust and topical video training available to you in our online university, showing you exactly how to use the leads, make the appointment, present the product and close the sale. There’s a course on each of our products, too. Besides the university, you can access many audio and video archives on NAAtv, our online library.

Training Resources

In addition to everything mentioned above, you’ll find even more places to look to for guidance. Our corporate staff is dedicated to helping you succeed, and they are always just a call away. The President’s Club is a group of licensed support staff, and the Lead Performance Team is standing by to help you optimize your lead orders. Our online store is filled with agent resources, and our email blasts keep you informed several times a week with reminders and important updates.

Local Training with The AllianceOn-Demand TrainingThe Live Show with Andy Albright

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