Mentors & Regional Training

Your mentor is your lifeline, especially during your first few weeks with The Alliance. Your mentor is someone who is available to you by phone, email, or text to answer the logistical questions you will have as you start your Alliance journey. They have been exactly where you are right now and appreciate the coaching and mentorship needed in the early stages of building their business. Managers in your area may coordinate monthly or bi-monthly regional meetings and boot camps where you can gain valuable knowledge from successful people in the organization, and enjoy being in the company of a hundred or so fellow agents. You can also create accountability and structure for yourself by participating in local dial teams that get together to make appointment-setting phone calls as a group. These are both great ways to get motivated and learn from others by watching and listening to them.


Every week you’ll have access to localized meetings being held that offer a positive environment for you and your friends to hear from successful agency managers and leaders in the company. These meetings are called “HotSpots” and are organized so that you can bring guests and allow them to learn more about part-time and full-time opportunities at The Alliance. Key agents and product trainers offer their knowledge and expertise on topics such as sales, products, business development and even relationships. No matter where you live or where you travel you can find a warm welcome at a local HotSpot meeting. You and your guests can always expect a friendly, positive atmosphere with lots of recognition, support and energy!

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