Alliance University

The Alliance provides an academic training program in, an online training portal providing you with video demonstrations of key sales techniques and products. Available any time of day, you can use the university to watch our best agents make appointment setting phone calls and going on appointments. Over 60 courses are available on a range of topics including sales, recruiting, products, and building and managing your business. As a business builder, NAA University will be an invaluable tool for training your recruits on basic techniques, answering common questions and giving your agents a taste of the company culture.


We live in a digital age, and have become accustomed to having access to material on a 24/7 basis. NAAtv offers a massive library of media materials that you can access 24 hours a day. You can search for the latest product and sales training, event information, contest updates, or by keyword. All national conference calls are recorded each week and made available for listening or downloading on NAAtv. Instead of driving yourself to appointments listening to depressing news music on the radio, why not listen to advice and encouragement from people who are successful in the business? NAAtv is the resource The Alliance uses to provide the absolute best in educational material and newsworthy information to its agents.

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