Business Building Manual

If you were searching for buried treasure, you would have a map. If you are working toward a goal, you would have a written strategy. Am I right? The Millionaire Maker Manual, by President & CEO Andy Albright, contains three hundred pages of instruction from his own experience and research that you can use to follow in his footsteps. One of the key factors emphasized in the book is that The Alliance works as a whole instead of individual teams. Have you ever noticed that there is no “I” in the word team? Andy Albright firmly believes the acronym for TEAM is “Together Everyone Achieves More”. The Millionaire Maker Manual provides you with a blueprint for a successful business model – a manual that teaches the basics - and keeps it simple in the process.

Recruiting & Training System

Ready to build a team? Look no further. You’ll numerous resources for training, both for yourself and new recruits you bring on board. Sometimes books or online courses need a little variety. This is the perfect time to plug in at a local meeting near you. Since each location around the country follows the same NAA system, the atmosphere is full of energy and positivity, and just like 1980’s television show “Cheers”, everybody knows your name! Every meeting begins with a segment where new prospects are welcomed and introduced to the opportunity afforded them at The Alliance. They learn who we are, what we do and what we believe in. Guests are then dismissed and the training begins! Top leaders throughout NAA provide their input on various topics from sales, products and business development. The energy and enthusiasm is contagious and is duplicated at any local meeting across the country.

Agent Marketing Materials

Clients feel more confident when you can provide them with well-designed printed materials. You can find these materials easily in one place inside the NAA website. Each insurance carrier is listed along with links to follow for logging in and perusing the page for written materials to either order or download. Besides the carrier resources, you can enjoy professionally-designed websites personalized with your agency information that you can advertise on your Alliance business cards, also provided by us.

The Alliance's Sales System

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