Productivity Tracking System

Have you ever been working diligently on a project, thinking you are making great progress, only to step back and realize you are way off course? At The Alliance, an incredible tool is available for determining what your work and effort is worth. The Activity, or “Activity” calendar is vital for helping you stay on track with your daily activities. It is ideal for recording your daily progress, and makes it easy to identify areas where improvement is needed. To attain any goal in life, you must monitor the results. By following the carefully planned The Activity system, you will be able to recognize any variance in your path and easily make adjustments before you are too far off the path of your success. The The Activity Calendar is just one of the productivity tools available through our sales system.

Appointment-Setting System

To place policies with our insurance carriers, you must first meet with families. To hold the meetings, you must set appointments. And to set appointments, you must make dials and call leads. Many people in sales have a fear of the telephone. At The Alliance, we have a system for conquering that anxiety. By following the simple dialog we make available, you will have them at “Hello!” Our tried and true system prepares you for handling any objections that may arise and shows you how to get to the client’s real issues. All of the top leaders at The Alliance have started out exactly where you are and have honed this part of the process for you, so together we can set more and better appointments.

In-Home Presentation System

Once you’ve mastered the telephone and appointment setting, their next step is to meet with families in their home and help them find the right protection. Our in-home presentation binder is unlike any other in-home presentation you have ever seen. You will customize it to make your visit more personal, and it’s extremely easy to follow, creating the optimal atmosphere for closing the sale. Each section of the presentation is designed for efficiency. From allowing the client to get to know you, to asking the proper questions to determine the best product, you simply need to flip the pages and make your most impressive sales pitch.

Referral System

Referrals are considered one of the best prospecting tool in any salesperson’s toolbox. Yet few salespeople actually generate very many quality referrals. However, studies have shown that those who do earn four to five times more income. It should not be a big surprise that the most common mistake made is simply not asking. We make asking for referrals fool-proof by integrating a referral system right in the in-home presentation. The way you ask for referrals is so seamless and natural, you may be surprised at how effortlessly your clients will offer them.

Retention System

Did you know it costs six times more money to attract a new client than it does to keep an existing one? Or that nearly seventy percent of consumers will refuse to return to a business if they feel unappreciated? Each time a sale is recorded in our system, we can help you keep it on the books by communicating with your clients on your behalf. As we regularly contact them for you with new information about the variety of services you can offer, you’ll find new opportunities for additional sales and even referrals! Let’s face it, life insurance is not something your clients discuss around the family Thanksgiving Dinner.

Residual Income System

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